Tom Tom Club

The Tom Tom Club is a spinoff of the Talking Heads, led by drummer Chris Franz and bassist Tina Weymouth. They have put out five records, which are all cool (well maybe Boom Boom isn't that great). The first one featured their hit song Genius of Love. The next three were pretty much unnoticed and are now out of print. I think maybe they're too hip for the mainstream and not dark enough to be considered cool by the hipsters. Newest ultracool record released September 12, 2000. Their music is always positive, funky, intelligent and made for dancing.

Some Links:

Official Tom Tom Club Site

The Funky Little Tom Tom Club Site

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The Records:

Tom Tom Club - 1982 Sire

Close to the Bone - 1983 Sire

Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom - 1988 Sire

Dark Sneak Love Action - 1992 Sire

The Good the Bad and the Funky - 2000 Rykodisc
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