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Compiled by Terry Slade

Sex is of course a vast subject. Rather than a comprehensive listing of books on all aspects of human sexuality, this is mainly a list of the best books I have found on the subjects of Tantric sex, Taoist sexual yoga, prolonged sex, sacred sex, yogic sex, sex magic, pre-orgasmic sex, karezza, sex energy work, etc. (Because sex might be a LOT more powerful, magical, healing, beneficial, useful, mystical, sacred, holy, and fun than most people have experienced or have been led to believe is the case. Or in other words, these books present an alternative view of human sexuality - crucial knowledge that has been lost and/or suppressed).

For a very interesting introduction to these ideas, check out this chapter from Rob Brezny's book, Pronoia (Rob is the author of the syndicated column, Freewill Astrology):

The Orgasmic Roots of Pronoia - Rob Brezny -

And I'm not saying that anyone needs any of these books. This list is here to support this alternative view in case anyone wants to research it. Its pretty much just all common sense anyway. Tons more info can be found online, check out my Sex page.

In no particular order....

Tantra - Discovering the Power of Pre-Orgasmic Sex - Yogani
2006 AYP Publishing 103 pages (paperback $11.95) ISBN10:0976465582
Author's website:
Totally the best book for a concise, simple, complete, no-nonsense explanation of tantric sex from a yogic point of view. Top recommendation. And I think you can pretty much read all of this info for free at the author's website, here:

Sexual Secrets - The Alchemy of Ecstasy - Nik Douglas, Peggy Slinger
1st edition - 1979 Destiny Books 383 pages (paperback $19.95) ISBN10:0892812664
2nd edition - 1999 Destiny Books 352 pages (paperback $30.00) ISBN10:0892818050 ISBN13:9780892818051
The 2nd edition is also known as the "20th Anniversary Edition"
Publisher's website:
Nik Douglas'
Penny Slinger's websites:
Classic book on sacred sex from an Eastern point of view (India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Japan). Over a million copies sold, and translated into 20 languages. A huge book, encyclopedic, packed with info. Fun, interesting, useful, amazing, totally awesome - get this book! Worth having just for the over 600 original illustrations by Penny Slinger. About 200 of the illustrations are in color in the 2nd edition (all are black and white in the original edition). The new edition includes a section in the front with color photos of archaeological artifacts discovered in the 20 years since the book was first published. Includes a large bibliography - looks to be about 400 books. The bibliography was not updated for the newer edition, so these are all books published before 1979, all the more useful for serious researchers, since the market has been flooded with such books since then.

Spiritual Sex - Nik Douglas
Subtitled: Secrets of Tantra from the Ice Age to the New Millennium
1997 Pocket Books 432 pages (paperback - out of print) ISBN:0671537393 ISBN13:9780671537395
Nik Douglas'
According to Nik's website, this book will soon be republished by a different publisher. Nik's website (linked above) includes a bibliography of books on Tantra.

Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy - David and Linda Howe
Subtitled: The Oriental Bedroom Art of Ejaculation Control, The Key to Female Orgasm
Online here
Online here
Have not been able to determine whether this was ever published as a physical book, or to find any info on the authors, but looks like excellent information and it is available to read online for free.

Making Love: Sexual Love the Divine Way - Barry Long
1998 Barry Long Books 109 pages (paperback $19.95) ISBN10:1899324143
Barry Long Foundation:
Interview in What Is Enlightenment? (Issue 13 Spring/Summer 1998):
Letters in Response
Barry Long is controversial for some of his views (see links above). In my opinion, this small book contains some deep wisdom.

Eros Ascending - John Maxwell Taylor
Subtitled: The Life-Transforming Power of Sacred Sexuality
2009 Frog Books 420 pages (paperback $16.95) ISBN10:1583942602 ISBN13:9781583942604
Official Website:
A major contribution. No index, but the table of contents is fairly extensive.

The Tao of Love and Sex - Jolan Chang
Subtitled: The Ancient Chinese Way to Ecstasy
1977 Penguin 136 pages (paperback $20.00) ISBN10:0140193383,ISBN13:9780140193381

The Tao of the Loving Couple - Jolan Chang
Subtitled: True Liberation Through the Tao
1983 Penguin 129 pages (paperback $20.00) ISBN10:0140193391,ISBN13:9780140193393

I highly recommend these books by Joan Chang. Very straight-forward, no nonsense, clearly written. Jolan says that the first book was written mainly to help men, but after receiving many letters from women, he decided to write the second book more oriented to couples. So these books are companions, which could almost just have been combined into one book. The first book includes a bibliography of books in English and a bibliography of Chinese texts.

Taoist Secrets of Love - Cultivating Male Sexual Energy - Mantak Chia, Michael Winn
1984 Aurora Press 285 pages (paperback $17.95) ISBN10:0943358191

Healing Love Through the Tao - Cultivating Female Sexual Energy - Mantak Chia
1991 Healing Tao Books 328 pages (paperback $16.95) ISBN10:0935621059
2005 Destiny Books (new edition) 288 pages (paperback $16.95) ISBN10:1594770685

The Multi-Orgasmic Man - Mantak Chia, Douglas Abrams
1996 Harper Collins 236 pages (paperback $14.00) ISBN10:0062513362

The Multi-Orgasmic Woman - Mantak Chia, Rachel Carlton Abrams
2005 Rodale 288 pages (hardback $24.95) ISBN10:1594860270

The Multi-Orgasmic Couple - Mantak Chia, Maneewan Chia, Douglas Abrams, Rachel Carlton Abrams
2002 Harper 224 pages (paperback $16.95) ISBN10:0062516140

Sexual Reflexology - Mantak Chia, William U. Wei
2003 Destiny Books 197 pages (paperback $18.00) ISBN10:0892810882 ISBN13:9780892810888

These books by Mantak Chia present the subject of sexual energy in great detail from a Taoist yoga perspective. The first two above are classics. He also has many other books on various aspects of Taoism.
Author's website:

Jungle King Secrets - Paul Adcock
Subtitled: A Libido-Liberating Lifestyle For Superior Sexual Satisfaction
2008 Loving Healing Press 251 pages (paperback $22.95) ISBN10:1932690492 ISBN13:9781932690491
Publisher's website:
Collects lots of info from Taoist sources. Tons of up-to-date nutritional info.

Taoist Yoga and Sexual Energy - Eric Steven Yudelove
2004 Llewellyn 256 pages (paperback $19.95) ISBN10:1567188346
Written by a student of Mantak Chia.

The Tao of Sexology: The Book of Infinite Wisdom - Dr. Stephen T. Chang
1986 Tao Publishing 224 pages (hardback $24.95) ISBN10:0942196031 ISBN13:9780942196030
Amazon: /
Author's website: /
Publisher's Website: /

Art of the Bedchamber - Douglas Wile
Subtitled: The Chinese Sexual Yoga Classics Including Women's Solo Meditation Texts
1992 State Universityy of New York Press 293 pages (paperback $29.95) ISBN10:0791408868 ISBN13:9780791408865
Amazon: /

The Sexual Teachings of the Jade Dragon - Hsi Lai
Subtitled: Taoist Methods for Male Sexual Revitalization
2002 Destiny Books 256 pages (paperback $16.95) ISBN10:0892819634

The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress - Hsi Lai
Subtitled: Secrets of the Female Taoist Masters
2001 Destiny Books 320 pages (paperback $19.95) ISBN10:0892818689

The Tao of Health, Sex, & Longevity - Daniel P. Reid
1989 Fireside 406 pages (paperback $16.00) ISBN10:067164811X
1989 Simon and Schuster 416 pages (paperback) ISBN10:0671655000
2001 Pocket Books 416 pages (paperback) ISBN10:0743409078
Tons of well-presented practical info. Several people told me about this book, which led me to his other books.
Author's website:

The Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing: Guarding the Three Treasures - Daniel P. Reid
1994 Shambhala 496 pages (paperback $22.95) ISBN10:1570620717
Author's website:

A Complete Guide to Chi-Gung - Daniel Reid
2000 Shambhala 326 pages (paperback $19.95) ISBN10:1570625433
First published in 1998 under the title Harnessing the Power of the Universe
Author's website:

The Essential Tantra - Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.
Subtitled: A Modern Guide to Sacred Sexuality
1999 Tarcher/Penguin 368 pages (paperback $24.95) ISBN10:158542014X ISBN13:9781585420148
Author's Website:
Kenneth has some other books and videos, all available from his website above. I first saw him in Annie Sprinkle's World of Orgasm DVD. I highly recommend that video as well as Kenneth's DVDs The Path of the Sexual Shaman and The Sacred Prostitute (see my Sex Films page). He teaches erotic massage and has books and videos on that subject. This volume is actually three of his previous books combined together: Tantric Massage (earlier edition was called Erotic Massage), Sensual Ceremony, and Sacred Orgasms. Nicely illustrated with black and white drawings by two different artists.

The Encyclopedia of Sacred Sexuality - Rufus C. Camphausen
1999 Inner Traditions 301 pages (paperback $29.95) ISBN10:0892817194
Lots of info, presented in A-Z entries. Lots of interesting full-color pictures.

The Art of Sexual Ecstasy - Margo Anand
Subtitled: The Path of Sacred Sexuality for Western Lovers
1989 JP Tarcher 450 pages (paperback $19.95) ISBN10:0874775617
Author's website: Wikipedia:

The Art of Sexual Magic - Margo Anand
Subtitled: Cultivating Sexual Energy to Transform Your Life
1995 JP Tarcher 383 pages (hardback) ISBN10:087477814X
Author's website:

Cupid's Poisoned Arrow - Marnia Robinson
Subtitled: From Habit to Harmony in Sexual Relationships
2009 North Atlantic Books 416 pages (paperback $18.95) ISBN10: 1556438095 ISBN13:9781556438097
Author's website:
Note: This book is an updated version of her previous book, Peace Between the Sheets.

Energy-Karezza - Stanley S. Bass
Subtitled: How to Make Every Wife Sexually Wild About Her Husband: Fascinating and Powerful Sex for Marital Fidelity and Bliss
2008 CreateSpace 294 pages (paperback $29.00) ISBN10:143824455X ISBN13:9781438244556
Author's website:
Author's website:

Better Than Orgasm - Stanley S. Bass
Subtitled: The Magic of Energy-Karezza Sex
2009 CreateSpace 130 pages (paperback $16.00) ISBN10:143824388X ISBN13:9781438243887
Author's website:
Author's website:
Condensed version of above book.

Karezza, Ethics of Marriage - Alice Bunker Stockham
2008 Forgotten Books 96 pages (paperback $7.14) ISBN10:1606200453 ISBN13:9781606200452
Author's page at Wikipedia:
Publisher's website:
Original work on the subject of Karezza (controlled intercourse), this is the second edition, published in 1903. Free PDF version can be downloaded at publisher's website.

The Karezza Method - John William Lloyd
Subtitled: Magnetation, The Art of Connubial Love
2008 Forgotten Books 100 pages (paperback $7.19) ISBN10:1606200461 ISBN13:9781606200469
Author's page at Wikipedia:
Publisher's website:
This Karezza manual was published in 1931. Free PDF version can be downloaded at publisher's website.

Intimate Wisdom: The Sacred Art of Love - Karinna Kittles-Karsten
2007 iUniverse 286 pages (paperback $20.95) ISBN10:0595419577 ISBN13:9780595419579
Author's website:

The Way of The Superior Man - David Deida
Subtitled: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Work, Woman, and Sexual Desire
2002 Sounds True 202 pages (paperback $17.95) ISBN10:1591792576
Official Website:
He has many other books.

Urban Tantra - Barbara Carrellas
Subtitled: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century
2007 Celestial Arts 287 pages (paperback $17.95) ISBN10:1587612909
Author's website:

Vagina: A New Biography - Naomi Wolf
2012 Ecco 400 pages (hardback $27.99) ISBN10:0061989169 ISBN13:9780061989162
Author's website:
Review - Observer:

Soul Sex: Tantra for Two - Paula Copeland, Al Link
2003 New Page Books 285 pages (paperback $19.99) ISBN10:1564146642

Passion Play - Felice Dunas
1998 Riverhead 272 pages (paperback) ISBN10:157322698X

Sacred Sexuality - Georg Feuerstein
Subtitled: The Erotic Tradition in the World's Great Religions
1992, 2003 Inner Traditions 239 pages (paperback $16.95) ISBN10:0892811269

Kiss of the Yogini - David Gordon White
Subtitled: "Tantric Sex" in its South Asian Context
2003 University of Chicago Press 372 pages (hardback) (out of print) ISBN10:0226894835
Author's webpage:

Desire: The Tantric Path to Awakening - Daniel Odier
1999, 2001 Inner Traditions 177 pages (paperback $14.95) ISBN10:0892818581

Sacred Sexuality - Michael Mirdad
Subtitled: A Manual for Living Bliss
2004 Grail Press 328 pages (paperback $25.00) ISBN10:0974021601 ISBN13:9780974021607
have not seen this one yet

The Return of Desire - Gina Ogden
Subtitled: A Guide to Rediscovering Your Sexual Passion
2008 Trumpeter 224 pages (paperback $14.95) ISBN10:1590303644 ISBN13:9781590303641
Author's website:
For women. have not seen this one yet

The Lover Within - Julie Henderson
Subtitled: Opening to Energy in Sexual Practice
1999 Station Hill 142 pages (paperback $13.95) ISBN10:1581770170

Nina Hartley's Guide to Total Sex - Nina Hartely
2006 Avery 368 pages (paperback $25.95) ISBN10:1583332634
Nina at Wikipedia: /
Nina is one of the more intellectual porn stars.

The Great Sex Secret - Kim Marshall
2006 Sourcebooks 224 pages (paperback $12.95) ISBN10:1402208103

Eros, Consciousness, and Kundalini - Stuart Sovatsky, Ph.D.
Subtitled: Deepening Sensuality Through Tantric Celibacy and Spiritual Intimacy
1994, 1999 Inner Traditions 212 pages (paperback $19.95) ISBN10:0892818301

Goddess: Divine Energy - Jackie Menzies
2006 Art Gallery NSW 280 pages (paperback $50.00) ISBN10:0734763964
This is a catalogue of an art show that took place at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Australia in 2006. There are 170 illustrations, mostly in color, and about 24 articles/essays by various scholars. The subject is goddesses in Hinduism, Buddhism and Tantra. A website for the show: The book is out of print. I would suggest checking if interested in obtaining.

Passionate Enlightenment: Women in Tantric Buddhishm - Miranda Shaw
1994 Princeton Universtiy Press 312 pages (hardback) ISBN10:0601033803, ISBN13:9780601033808
1995 Princeton Universtiy Press 307 pages (paperback $28.95) ISBN10:0691010900, ISBN13:9780691010908
Review by Danielle Prohom Olson:

Transcendent Sex - Jenny Wade, Ph.D.
2004 Pocket Books 322 pages (paperback $14.00) ISBN10:0743482174
Official Site:

William Blake's Sexual Path to Spiritual Vision - Marsha Keith Schuchard
Published in England with different title: Why Mrs. Blake Cried
2008 Inner Traditions 416 pages (paperback $19.95) ISBN10:1594772118 ISBN13:9781594772115

The Secret History of Western Sexual Mysticism - Arthur Versluis
Subtitled: Sacred Practices and Spiritual Marriage
2008 Destiny Books 176 pages (paperback $14.95) ISBN10:1594772126 ISBN13:9781594772122

Clitoral Truth - The Secret World at Your Fingertips - Rebecca Chalker
2000 Seven Stories Press 256 pages (paperback $12.95) ISBN10:1583220380

Sex for One: The Joy of SelfLoving - Betty Dodson
1996 Three Rivers Press 202 pages (paperback $14.00) ISBN10:0517886073 ISBN13:9780517886076
(Previous editions from 1992, 1987, 1983, 1974, various publishers)
Author's website:
Classic book on masturbation. Betty Dodson has been a famous sexologist since the 1970's.

Masturbaton, Tantra and Self-Love - Margo Woods
1981 Omphaloskepsis Press 111 pages (paperback $7.50) ISBN10:0917320158 ISBN13:9780917320156
This book is out of print and hard to find. The basic message of the book is very simple, so I will spill it out right here. The technique that is recommended is to have sexual stimulation (either alone or with a partner) to the point just before orgasm and then stop. The sexual energy will then naturally rise to the heart (aided by putting your attention on the heart center). This can then be repeated indefinitely. And solo practice is recommended as the way to master the technique.

Getting Off: A Woman's Guide to Masturbation - Jamye Waxman
2007 Seal Press 304 pages (paperback $15.95) ISBN10:1580052193 ISBN13:9781580052191
Author's website:

She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman - Ian Kerner, Ph.D.
2004 HarperCollins 228 pages (hardback $22.95) ISBN10:0060538252

Coping with Premature Ejaculation - Barry W. McCarthy, PhD, Michael E. Metz, PhD
Subtitle: How to Overcome PE, Please Your Partner and Have Great Sex
2004 New Harbinger 184 pages (paperback $14.51) ISBN10:1572243406

How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation - Helen Singer Kaplan
1989 Routledge 128 pages (paperback $14.51) ISBN10:0876305427 ISBN13:9780876305423

Passionista: The Empowered Woman's Guide to Pleasuring a Man - Ian Kerner, Ph.D.
2008 Harper Paperbacks 224 pages (paperback $15.99) ISBN10:0060834390,ISBN13:9780060834395

Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm - Nicole Daedon
2011 Grand Central Life & Style 256 pages (paperback $14.99) ISBN10:0446567183,ISBN13:9780446567183
The author is the founder of OneTaste, which teaches OMing (Orgasmic Meditation) and Slow Sex.

The Science of Orgasm - Barry R. Komisaruk, Carlos Beyer-Flores, Beverly Whipple
2006 Johns Hopkins University Press 376 pages (hardback $25.00) ISBN10:080188490X

Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex - Mary Roach
2008 W.W. Norton 288 pages (hardback $24.95) ISBN10:0393064646 ISBN13:9780393064643
Interesting and humorous look at sex research.

The Technology of Orgasm - Rachel Maines
Subtitled: "Hysteria", the Vibrator, and Women's Sexual Satisfaction
2001 Johns Hopkins University Press 208 pages (paperback $17.95) ISBN10:0801866464 ISBN13:9780801866463
Also be sure to check out the excellent documentary film based on this book: Passion and Power -

The Function of the Orgasm: Discovery of the Orgone - Wilhelm Reich
1986 Farrar, Straus and Giroux 400 pages (paperback $30.00) ISBN10:0374502048 ISBN13:9780374502041
(originally published in 1942)
Reich was originally a student of Freud. He was controversial and way ahead of his time. This and many of his other books explain his ideas on neurosis and human sexuality. He talks of "character armor", which is basically deep chronic muscular tension, which he says is indicative of an inability to experince a full orgasmic release.
More about Reich at Wikipedia:

Sex Energy - Robert S. De Ropp
Subtitled: The Sexual Force in Man and Animals
1969 Delacorte Press 236 pages (hardback $6.95 Out of Print) ISBN:0440078180

Everything You Know About Sex is Wrong - Edited by Russ Kick
Subtitled: The Disinformation Guide to the Extremes of Human Sexuality (and everything in between)
2006 The Disinformation Company 360 pages (paperback $24.95) ISBN10:1932857176 ISBN13:9781932857177
A good-sized anthology of about 67 articles by different writers on just about every aspect of human sexuality. Most of this is outside the area covered by the rest of this page, but lots of fun and interesting stuff here.

Sex Matters - Osho

Working Stiff - Grant Stoddard

Demons of the Flesh - Nikolas Schreck, Zeena Schreck
Subtitled: The Complete Guide to Left Hand Path Sex Magic
2002 Creation Books 398 pages (paperback) ISBN10:184068061X
Very interesting book. Has been out of print for awhile. (Going for high dollars. March 2010, there is a copy on ebay for $220 and one on Amazon for $660. March 2012, there are 10 used copies at Amazon, ranging from $115.00 to $365.00).

Sexual Sorcery: A Complete Guide to Sex Magick - Jason Newcomb
2005 Weiser 242 pages (paperback $21.95) ISBN10:1578633303 ISBN13:9781578633302
Author's Website:

Magia Sexualis: Sex, Magic, and Liberation in Modern Western Esotericism - Hugh B. Urban
2006 University of California Press 349 pages (hardback $55.00) ISBN10:0520247760

The Perfect Matrimony - Samael Auon Weor
Subtitled: The Door to Enter into Initiation - Tantra and Sexual Alchemy Unveiled
2006 Thelema Press 335 pages (paperback $19.00) ISBN10:1934206032
Publisher's website:
First published in 1950. The first of 60 books written by Weor. A classic work, covering esoteric and occult sexuality in great detail. There may be kind of a creepy vibe to this, due to the "religious" context.

Master: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Master R - Master R
2009 Esemar Press (hardback $30.00, paperback $20.00)
Author's Website:
The author is a dominant master in the world of BDSM. I once attended a lecture he gave and it was a very interesting presentation. I especially found interesting the idea that we are all "slaves" or "pharoahs" at different times in our lives (infant/parent, child/parent, employee/employer, etc).

Dark Moon Rising: Pagan BDSM and the Ordeal Path - Raven Kaldera
2006 Asphodel Press 438 pages (paperback $26.83) ISBN10:1847288928 ISBN13:9781847288929
Author's Website:
Have not seen yet. There are tons of books on the subject of BDSM, etc., which is not an area I have greatly explored, but this one looks to have some interesting angles, specifically concerning the spiritual aspects of such practices. This is a collection of essays, some by guest authors. Most of the included essays by the author are online at his website.

Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond - Lee Harrington
2011 420 pages (paperback $27.95) ISBN10:055721126X ISBN13:9780557211260
Author's Website:
Another one that looks at the spiritual aspects of BDSM.

Radical Ecstasy - Dossie Easton, Janet W. Hardy
2004 Greenery Press 208 pages (paperback $16.95) ISBN10:189015962X ISBN13:9781890159627
Author's Website:
Author's Website:
Article by Janet Hardy at
By the authors of The Ethical Slut (the classic book about polyamory).

Plants of Love - Christian Ratsch
Subititled: The History of Aphrodisiacs and A Guide to Their Identification and Use
1997 Ten Speed Press 206 pages (paperback $19.95) ISBN10:0898159288
Wow! Originally published in Germany in 1990, this is "The Book" on aphrodisiacs from the plant kingdom. Very beautiful book, lots of art and color photos. 113 plants are listed in the lexicon section. Separate chapters describe major plants in more detail. This is a super-cool, very interesting book, even though there may be more detailed and up to date info on specific plants elsewhere (such as the books below). The back cover tells bookstores to file it in the "Gift" section.

Hot Plants - Chris Kilham
Subtitled: Nature's Proven Sex Boosters for Men and Women
2004 St. Martins's Griffin 208 pages (paperback $12.95) ISBN10:0312315392
Author's Website:
Mainly covers 10 herbs, each with its own chapter: Tongkat Ali (Longjack, Eurycoma longifolia), Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea), Yohime (Pausinystalia yohimbe), Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Catuaba (Erythroxylum catuaba), Zallouh (Ferulis harmonis), Maca (Lepidium meyenii), Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) and Red Ginseng (Panax ginseng), Chocolate (Theobroama cacao).

The Natural Testosterone Plan - Stephen Harrod Buhner
2007 Healing Arts Press 183 pages (paperback $14.95) ISBN10:1594771685 ISBN13:9781594771682
Author's Website:
Buhner is one of the top master herbalists of our time.

Better Sex Through Chemistry - John Morgenthaler, Dan Joy
Subitled: A guide to the New Prosexual Drugs and Nutrients
1994 Smart Publications 224 pages (paperback $14.95) ISBN10:0962741825 ISBN13:9780962741821

Nature's Aphrodisiacs - Nancy L. Nickell
1999 Crossing Press 186 pages (paperback $14.95) ISBN10: 0895948907

The Chalice and the Blade - Riane Eisler
Subtitled: Our History, Our Future
1988 HarperOne 304 pages (paperback $18.99) ISBN10: 0062502891 ISBN13:9780062502896
Author's Website:

Sacred Pleasure - Riane Eisler
Subtitled: Sex, Myth and the Politics of the Body, New Paths to Power and Love
1996 HarperOne 512 pages (paperback $18.99) ISBN10: 0062502832 ISBN13:9780062502834
Author's Website:

I have links to for several reasons. Their website is an excellent reference source for information on books, including reviews and related books. And Amazon is a good source for obtaining almost any book quickly and reliably, including lower-priced used copies. I do not participate in Amazon's referral program as I would not want that to affect my listing of books here or to give that impression. (I may change my mind someday). More info on Amazon links is here.

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