It took awhile before I started liking Madonna. She was in a movie I liked called Desperately Seeking Susan. I thought True Blue was a very interesting record. Open Your Heart is a monster hit. Live to Tell was from the soundtrack of at Close Range, starring Christopher Walken and Sean Penn (to whom she was married at the time). Her next record, Like a Prayer is very special. Express Yourself and Keep it Together are both very strong and positive songs. She explored a lot of territory in the 90's and I didn't follow her through most of that (so I still have some records to get). When I started to get into Ashtanga yoga, I heard that Madonna was into this kind of yoga (which is the real deal and the most rigorous form of physical yoga). This gave me a lot of respect for her. She is very serious about her yoga practice and studies with some of the top teachers in the world. I'm sure the yoga practice must be one reason that she continues to appear so young and healthy. She played a yoga teacher in the movie Next Best Thing. (Not that great of a movie and only a couple of minutes yoga scenes). In 1998 she released Ray of Light, which is a very interesting and modern record. It includes the song Shanti/Ashtangi, which is based on Sanskrit chants. It took me awhile, but I finally got a copy of Music, released in 2000. Lots of cool stuff on this one. This is one of those records I just had to keep playing over and over. Amazing is one of the strongest songs ever. Later I pickeup used copies of Erotica and Bedtime Stories. These are really good records. I've seen Madonna on Letterman a few times and its always quite an event. The last time she was on, Dave bumped off not one but both other guests and talked to Madonna the whole time. A long time ago she used to come on with her buddy Sandra Bernhart. For some reason many people don't like Madonna, but she has been one of the most popular and important artists in modern pop music since her first record. A lot of people don't realize that she worked very hard to break into the business and that she has continued to work very hard ever since. She is the undisputed Queen of Pop.

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Selected Madonna Discography:

Madonna (1983)
Debut record. Amazon

Like a Virgin (1984)

True Blue (07/07/1987)

You Can Dance (11/17/1987)
Dance remixes, mainly of songs from first three records. Amazon

Like a Prayer (03/21/1989)

Dick Tracy: "I'm Breathless" (05/22/1990)

Erotica (10/20/1992)

Bedtime Stories (10/25/1994)

Evita - Soundtrack (11/12/1996)

Ray of Light (03/03/1998)

Music (09/19/2000)

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