Sleepy Labeef

I found out about Sleepy LaBeef only recently when a couple of his songs stood out on a compilation of rockabilly music I was listening to. He is one of the original classic rockabilly singer/guitar players. He was born on July 11, 1935 in Smackover Arkansas. He is 6'7" and has a very deep voice. Still making records (on Rounder) and touring extensively. I look forward to seeing him, I hear he comes around here from time to time.


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Some CDs: (There's a bunch of older stuff I haven't got to yet)

I'll Never lay My Guitar Down - 1996 - Rounder CD 3142
Excellent record with songs covering various styles. Includes a Johnny Horton song, I'm Coming Home. Details from Rounder website

Strange Things Happening - 1994 - Rounder
Details from Rounder website

Nothin' But the Truth - 1987 - Rounder CD 3072
This is recorded live and, unlike most live records, it sounds great. It captures some powerful energy. Details from Rounder website

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