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Mike Hosty is a force of nature. Really. He is a master of guitar (like every kind of way), writes awesome songs, sings, plays bass keyboard with his feet while playing guitar and maybe blowing some harp or...kazoo. Now thats with his band, the Hosty Duo. He also plays solo - EVERY Sunday at the Deli for a few years now. So then he plays drums with his feet (bass, snare, maybe hihat) while playing guitar. So, long ago, the Hosty Trio was quite a mighty band. And they played all the time. Like 6 nights a week, almost every week. All around here and some cities in surrounding states. This was Hosty with Mike Byars on drums and Chris Wiser on Hammond B3 organ, sax and 2nd vocals. So when he left (and formed Sugar Free Allstars), what would happen? Well, they just became the Duo, Hosty got his feet on the bass pedals, and the sound was as mighty as ever. Byers is a master drummer, so you got two master musicians, and one is playing two instruments. Yes, they can make a mighty sound. And they have continued to play a lot. Check out the touring schedule on their website. Plus Hosty is always playing on Sunday. They are the hardest working band in the state. And the funnest. Because all the songs are fun, like on purpose. Hosty is positivity. But definitely rock and roll. And they not only rock but they groove. They have a million of their own songs (well way over 100 anyway), so they don't play covers - EXCEPT, awesomely enough, three of the most classic delta blues songs (Walking Blues, Poor Black Mattie, Catfish Blues). They have released (on their own) more than 10 CD's, all recorded here in Norman, mainly at Trent Bell's Bell Labs. Buy them from the cardboard box on the stage. Tons of songs. Tons of hits. More all the time. People sing along with these songs. That might bug some people. But if you go see Hosty, you will see some happy people. I think Hosty is trying to make people happy. He does tell a lot of jokes (and will sing birthday songs or improvise a funny song about whatever is gong on). And I'm serious, these songs are hits. Like hit songs for the dance floor. A few ballads, some maybe a bit sad. I know I've indulged in some sadness leaning against the wall at the Deli. You know, just for a sad song. But for sure if I'm at the Deli when the Duo is playing, I am very happy. Did I mention they play nothing but HIT SONGS? And what is alternative? What is independent? Here's a story. How about a band of master musicians playing actual club shows full of happy fans 200 or more nights a year for a decade and a half. Yes, they are professionals, this is their actual job. While other bands complain that there's no place to play, the Hosty Duo plays everywhere. And they have a stack of CDs out. Which contain their catalog of over 100 TOP HIT SONGS. People sing them and dance to them. And there might be some cool record stores that have some of their CDs, but the best chance to get them is from the cardboard box on the stage. Because apparently they have zero support from the record industry. So I thinks that's alternative. I think that is totally independent. Like the will and the ability to do your own thing. And keep on going. These guys play and play. They give and give. And you can go get some. Just make sure you see the Hosty Duo if you can. And if you're around here, see them as much as you can. It will be good for you. You'll see. Everyone loves them. Even little kids. (They do play some free outdoor shows). My favorite place to see them is their home base, the Deli on Campus Corner. I look forward to it every month. I often claim that my friends conspire to keep me from going, but its probably just that I failed to conspire with with someone to get me there. So I don't always make it. But the band is there. They are the rock and roll saviors of Norman. (among the other many venues they play, I recommend VZD's in OKC, which has a dance floor that is not made of uneven bricks and there is no smoking, so its quite a different scene than the "smelly Deli") I've been meaning to make a page for Hosty for a long time. Last time I seen 'em (JAN 2010) I said I am making a page for the Hosty Duo. Now actually I always say that if I see them because they are always awesome. But this time they really got me. I even had someone to dance with. And that last set, I call it the power set. They will rock out. So they played a new song. It sort of sounds like JJ Cale, I'm thinking, maybe even a cover, just because of that distinctive JJ Cale groooovey hook kind of thing. But this is kind of more in a faster rocking psychobilly style. Man oh man. This is their newest HIT SONG. Its called Nobody Knows But Me. Keep em comin'.
03/24/11 - I got to see the Duo at the Deli a couple of weeks ago. Hosty had his Blues Junior amp, Byers was playing a 2-piece (snare and bass with hi-hat and one cymbal). A fun night, I stayed to the end. Awesome as always.
10/26/12 FRI - Made it down to the Deli at about 1am, caught the last 40 minutes of the show. One of the most awesome rock and roll experiences of my life. (I say that a lot, but its always true). Plenty of room on the dance floor right up front. I danced a hole through the jagged brick floor when they played Took the Train. Talked to Hosty a bit after the show. He told me about his newest discovery - Bongo Joe.

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The Records:

Volume - The Mike Hosty Trio (1996)

Gusto - The Mike Hosty Trio (1997)

3 - The Mike Hosty Trio (1998)

Wigtrig - Hosty Trio (1999)

One Too Heavy - Ten Pound Hammer (Hosty Trio) (2000)

Un Hombre Mallo - A Mike Hosty Anthology (Hosty Trio) (2000)

Live in Denver - Hosty (Mike Hosty Solo) (2001)

Golden Country Hits - Hosty Duo (2003)

Hosty Duo - Hosty Duo (2003)

Hosty One Man Band Live - Hosty (2006) (Mike Hosty Solo)

Hosty One Man Band Live II - Hosty (2006) (Mike Hosty Solo)

The Mousetrap Sessions - Hosty (Hosty Duo) (2008)

Hosty Duo II - Hosty Duo (2012)

(I might be missing one) and someday I'll list out all the songs on these records, cause I'm into the data, man, all the details....

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