Excerpts from interview with Hillard Green published in the first volume of the Foxfire series (pages 369-381 - 1972). Hillard was an 80-year-old hillbilly in Arkansas. Just an interesting and entertaining example of how up to a third of Americans at the time were not convinced that the Apollo moon landings were real.

Them astronauts that went up there? They got there on that planet where they thought there was water, and there wasn't a drop a'water t'be found on land there. It was all covered up in stones. They got some stones and brought 'em back, but they didn't want people t'know what they was. I got this from a gover'mint man, now; and he said there wasn't anything there but brimstone. And don't your bible tell you that this world will be burnt in th' end with brimstone and fire?

I believe them other two fellers, they won't none of'em go back 'cause they ain't got no business there. And them rocks they picked up there and brought back wasn't nothing but brimstone. The whole thing they said was just alike. Brimstone. The Lord made it. Created there. That's goin' be what's gonna destroy the world. You pick up the Bible and read it there. It says when Christ comes, the fire will already be kindled. And we don't know - that under there may be carbide. You know what it is, don't you? Well, when it hit water you know what it'll do? Take a feller that don't know what hit'll do and lay a piece in his hand and spit on it, and he'll soon find out, won't he?

The Bible says that brimstone will be what will destroy the world. You can't escape that fire in water or nowhere. It'll be unquenchable fire, it says. Might be carbide there with it. Now them places they thought there was water there, they said it was just as dry as it could be - but they didn't know what it was.

They never made it to the moon anyway. They took a picture over some desert. It was just all made-up stuff. Now that moon they had pictured up there was just a shadow on th' wall from a light they had a'settin' there. They could make a shadow that looked just like it on th' wall. I've seen it done. Now they can take a light and make most anything look real. But Lord'a mercy, they can't make it work out fer real though.

Where'd they land at? Not the moon, but Mars. Well now ain't you got eyes to see it there when th' eclipse comes on th' moon? When th' eclipse comes on th' sun, what makes it? Ain't you read about the Mars? There's a place above us, when it comes over there fer enough, why it comes between us and th' moon there and makes an eclipse, and that's the shadow of that extra earth up there. Why, you can see that with your naked eye if you'll just look! If it wadn't between us and th' moon - if it was on above th' moon - why it would never bring no shadow on th' moon. They's a place up there all right.

They went up there in a missile y'know. Three of 'em together. They sent 'em up there and thought they'd send a man they could kind'a depend on. They won't let him talk though now. You've got t' find out from some gover'mint feller - have some friend in the gover'mint business - t' find out. They won't let it be broadcast. They don't want t' let people know that their that big'a fools - go right into what th' bible tells 'em not t' do. They don't want t' let 'em know what was above, and what was t' come down in th' end.

For th' Bible says that th' world will be destroyed with fire an' brimstone. All man's work'll be burned up. All th' houses 'n' everthing. These stones'll be melted and all run back t'gether.

And that moon you ain't supposed t' be on. That's the scond heaven, accordin' t'th' Bible. It ain't natural. T'ain't no place we ought t'be 'til we die. It's a spiritual place. Ain't no place fer human flesh and blood. Th' air is heavy there all th' time.

Th' last days is comin' all right. Within thirty year. He'll be down here judgin' th'livin' whenever th' end comes. Be judgin' th' people that's livin'. Don't have 't worry about them already dead.

You know, you could live t'see that day come - th'day that th' Lord comes. You could live t'see it.