The Dead Scientists

One of the many odd post 9-11 stories concerns the mysterious deaths of several of the world's top microbiologists. Most are top-class experts in Mad Cow, Ebola, HIV, emerging diseases, mycoplasma, etc.

Steve Quayle - List of Dead Scientists

Steve Quayle - Collection of Articles

A large page from APFN.ORG

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Anthrax and the Agency - Thinking the Unthinkable - Wayne Madsen
This article from Counterpunch discusses the anthrax investigation and the death of Dr Wiley.

The Mystery of the Dead Scientists - Ian Gurney

Mysterious Deaths of Five Microbiologists
Global Spy Magazine - Dec 20, 2001

A Career in Microbiology Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
From the Wilderness 02/28/2002

Strange Cluster of Microbiolgists Deaths Under the Microscope
From the Globe and Mail 05/04/2002 - Lists 11 Scientists

Article by Gordon Thomas

Dead Disease Experts

"Dr. Flu"


Kelly and Langford

Kelly not suicide

Why Kelly killed

2 More - JAN 2004

A list from 01/05

Details on some cases

A Giant list from - Mark Harper 02/05/05

Big Collection of Stories - Citizens for Legitimate Government

05/11/05 - David Banks

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