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Newest record (from 1997), When I Was Born for the 7th Time, is one of my most favorite records ever. It was on many critics top 10 lists and some called it the record of the year. It is a powerful dose of good vibes and creativity, mixing dance beats and sitar sounds, among other things. One of the cool things about this record is the strong, funky drumming. I have just started playing along with records to practice drums and this is a real fun one to play along with, since the drums are mixed way up and the beats are interesting and range from simple to challenging. Its mainly drumset drumming but there's also some hand drums and other percussion as well as drum loops and drum machines. If you haven't heard them and you need something new and fun to listen to, get this. The previous record, Woman's Gotta Have It (1995), is also very cool, maybe a bit less mature and powerful as 7th Time, and a little more guitar-oriented. There are also some earlier things which I think are a bit less polished (and even more guitar-oriented). Cornershop records on David Byrne's Luaka Bop label.

Tjinder Singh and Ben Ayers from Cornershop put out a record under the name Clinton in 1999. It is called Disco And The Halfway to Discontent. It was released in the US on Astralwerks on January 25, 2000. A great record, highly recommended. Supposedly they will next work on another Cornershop record.

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Cornershop Discograpy:

Hold On It Hurts (1993) Merge Records

Woman's Gotta Have It (1995) Luaka Bop

When I Was Born For the 7th Time (1997) Luaka Bop

Clinton Discography:

Disco And The Halfway to Discontent (1999)
(released in US 01/25/2000 on Astralwerks)

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