I have, for the most part, moved my web shenanigans to

My New Site: TwentyCarlo.com

(This page is still here because it's still part of my ISP Package, and it's also where a lot of my older links point to; like the Owasso Alumni Listing.)

But I've left this slightly-older "Personal" page up for now, and I ain't afraid to be honest with ya, it's old...

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The At-One-Time New & Improved Debbie Page...

Wednesday Night, Tulsa, Early Spring 2005.

That's me...

My Dad took this picture in the pits at Tulsa Speedway,
from the top of the truck, at a Wednesday Night Practice Session in March or April.

I'm freshly 30 and glad to report that I'm a happy girl now -- Clay's taken me off the path to Crazy-Cat-Lady-Dom.

I went to school in Owasso (Class of '95), and I really think that those pay-only websites (like Classmates) are just wrong -- I believe in the freebies like the Owasso.com Alumni Listing so sign up for it like I did! ;) I'm what ya might call a "Dissatisfied Customer" of TCC in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but I guess we shouldn't go into that here. My family owns an automotive recycling facility, so most of the time during the week, I'm probably selling parts. If you wanna get me chattering and yacking, just ask me about some of the calls I get at work. ;) When I have 'free time,' it's usually spent with creativity of some sort (Usually either Nerdy or Knitty), music, or messing with cars.

This Update: Closer to having it all on the dot-com; December 14th, 2006

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iLove My iBook!!!

I am a Macintosh Nerd, and I got my very first handful of HTML How-To's from The National Center For Supercomputing Applications at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champlain. It was free, and the instructions were easy. To read them on-line, or download the text file, you can go to The Beginners Guide to HTML by clicking here. I heard that the NCSA link wasn't working quite full-time, so just in case you can't get that one to work, here's another spot for helpful stuff. You can make your very own web page! It was much easier than I though it would be, and more fun than a possum on a pogo stick! All you need is a text editing application -- If you have a Macintosh, use SimpleText, or if you have a PC with Windows, use Notepad. I tried Adobe PageMill and some other applications like that, but I just couldn't get used to having all that other stuff in my way -- guess it's like learnin' to drive in a plain ol' five speed then hoppin' in Granpaw's Towncar and not havin' a clue what to do with all those extra goodies.

Yup! I'm a Bee Freak!