Christopher "CB" Bassity
1528 S. 19th St.
Chickasha, OK 73018
(405) 222-5107  cell: 274-5245


         Excellent writer, editor, and photographer with professional manner.
         Adaptable, quick to learn new skills.  Broad experience in a range of fields.
         Self-starter, accustomed to working independently.  Also work well in a team.
         Adept with computer.  Have created and maintained web-pages.


Other professional experience:
    The profiles I write, of apparently unremarkable people and places, reveal the exceptional qualities of these subjects.  As a photographer I look for defining details, and I write with the same eye.  My stories get character on the page in word-pictures, portraying people by what they say and do, and places in terms of color and activity.
    As an editor, reading countless manuscripts by students and fellow writers, I've learned to shape a story and revise prose to please the mind, the heart, and the ear.  Several writers have said my editing of their manuscripts is the best they've had.

References: available on request