Secret of Buying Brahman Breeding Stock

The Secret of Buying Brahman Breeding Stock

ABBA's Register of Renown

by Ed Daniels

In this age that focuses on results, the question that faces every cattle breeder is how to find good quality breeding stock. Of course, the American Brahman Breeders Association has many approved shows each year to select the best of the breed and these champions do represent the breed's standard of excellence. Yet, is it better to buy show champions or the animals that produce those champions? Buying the sire and the dam of a champion would seem logical but what if this is the only champion that mating has ever produced? The key is to identify Brahman cattle who have bred many show winners. The ABBA Register of Renown is a tool that can help you do just that.

To be eligible for enrollment in the Brahman Register of Renown a bull must gain a minimum of 150 points earned by five or more of his get, with at least one point for each of his get in individual competition. Likewise a female must gain a minimum of forty points earned by two or more of her produce, with at least one point for each of her two produce in individual competition.

Winners in ABBA-sponsored shows accumulate no points for themselves, but their points are tabulated towards the scores of their sires and dams. Register of Renown points are awarded on the basis shown on the following chart:

No. of animals in show class      show placing
13 and more54321

In this age of modern genetics, both sexes can produce many offspring. Through the use of artificial insemination bulls can breed hundreds of cows. With embryo transfer cows can be flushed and their embryos transplanted to recipient females to produce multiple calves within the same year. Yet all of this has not altered the fact that it is difficult to acumulate Register of Renown points. Even if one registered Brahman produced all of the first place winners of all seventy of the classes at the ABBA National Brahman Show, he or she would only be awarded 350 Register of Renown points, and this is a feat that no Brahman sire or dam has ever accomplished. The 1994 Register of Renown lists 115 bulls and 348 females. Heading the list is +WR Mr. Suva 203 with a total of 2660 points earned by 142 progeny.

So whenever faced with choosing new breeding stock, look for the + sign in front of the animal's name on those ABBA registration papers. It stands for a Register of Renown animal and is a symbol of quality in your Brahman breeding stock.

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