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The Association with over 100 ranches and 1600 cattle listed.  

Brahman Show List
The ABBA sanctioned BRAHMAN CATTLE shows in the USA listed for your information.

Pictures, Pedigrees, Semen 
Brahman Cattle(Brahma Cattle)Brahman Semen List. Pictures & Pedigrees of Brahman Cows, Heifers, & Bulls.

Mad Cow Test 
How to identify if your cow has MADCOW disease

American Brahman Breeders Ranch List 
American Brahman Breeders Assocation Area 13 membership Ranch List with ranch home pages.

American Brahman Cattle
Information on the origin, history and characteristics of the American Brahman cattle breed.

More Brahman Info 
Brahman cattle, Adaptability to all weather environments,utilize lower-quality feed, to travel longer distances for feed and water, and to resist insects and external parasites while withstanding vast climactic differences. They also have the ability to reproduce on a regular basis in a stressful environment.

Tips on Buying Brahman
How to find breeding stock that produces champions

FAQ on Brahman
Frequently Asked Questions about Brahman cattle, this allows you to ask a question on Brahman cattle and get an answer, just fill out the question form.

Maternal Merit Cows
The Maternal Merit Award was engineered by the Research and Breed mprovement Committee in an effort to identify superior cows based on their performance from the Brahman Herd Improvement Records Program.

Sire Summary (EPD)
What's in a number? An EPD tells you how the calves from an animal will compare genetically to an average group of animals in the same breed.

Register of Renown (Information)
The Register of Renown includes bulls and females. The Register was established in 1964 to identify and recognize sires and dams of progeny with outstanding show ring performance in association approved shows.
Register of Renown (Cows)
Register of Renown (Bulls)

Brahman F-1
Brahman hybrid calves and those out of Brahman F1 cows are noted for their fast gains, and it's a fact that these calves consistently produce more weight per day of age than most other breed

Brahman E-Mail List
On this page you will find E-MAIL addresses to over 100 Brahman breeders or Brahman related business in 20 countries.

Brahman classified ad free
You may place your Brahman classified ad free, Brahman & Brahman cross cattle for sale and want to buy, Help wanted

Research Info
| Reproduction | Growth and Nutrition | Carcass and Meats | Genetics and Crossbreeding |

Links to Brahman on the Web
Brahman cattle web sites from around the world you will find full of information.

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